Meetups sponsored by TTM.LA

PSA Factory

Click here to join PSA Factory. Not on meetup? We are also available on Facebook.

24/48/72 Hour Shorts

Click here to join 24/48/72 hour shorts

This meetup group is for all interested in participating and/or attending weekend-long film competitions.

We will also focus on skill-building for filmmakers and actors.


Click here to join COSPLAY LA

Vision: To provide a creative and social outlet for cosplayers and designers in the Los Angeles area.

This group is for cosplayers, anime fans, manga fans, comic lovers, gamers, LARPers, roleplayers, WOW'ers, costumers, Steampunks, lolitas, cafe maids, mermaids, Picachus, Sailor Moons, Dragonballers, Harely Quinns, designers, stitchers, sowers, accessorizers, make-upers, and crafters of all types.

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